Your Dream Pool Turned into a Swimming Pool Defects Nightmare

Matthew Clarke, Shareholder

You have spent a huge amount of money on a dream pool and patio or outside living area. You hoped your family would enjoy the refreshment and lifestyle enhancement on-time and within budget. The swimming pool defects nightmare starts when you realize there are major delays, construction problems, delays, malfunctioning components or design problems.

If the construction of your swimming pool went smoothly, you dodged a bullet. For the swimming pool construction that went badly, you are looking at swimming pool downtown, additional expense, headaches and delay. You are looking at significant repairs and maybe replacement of major swimming pool components.

Common Swimming Pool Defects and Problems

Any number of things can go wrong with swimming pool construction. After all, there are many moving parts in swimming pool construction. Additionally, swimming pools are constructed by human beings. There is always a potential for human error, error in judgment, or simple negligence in swimming pool construction.

Deformation of the Swimming Pool walls

Large, unacceptable gaps in the concrete joints – or lack of joints and resulting cracking, movement, etc.

Lifting, Heaving of the Hardscape

Leaks, leaks and more leaks in pool plumbing or structure

Excessive Loss of Pool Water

Cracks, cracks and more cracks in the concrete shell

Cracks, cracks and more cracks in the plaster surface

Cracks, cracks and more cracks in poured concrete Hardscape

Non-Functioning of pool features such as Swimming Pool Infinity Edge or Lazy River

None of these swimming pool defects and problems are acceptable.  You should address any of these issues immediately with your pool contractors. If that does not resolve the issue, contact us.

What causes these Swimming Pool Defects?

Normally, a swimming pool contractor will generate a rendering of the swimming pool, outdoor living area or water features. The rendering is done for a reason. The swimming pool rendering is what the construction is supposed to be when finished.

Many times, the finished swimming pool does not turn out like the rendering. Also, the infrastructure does not work, or works some of the time. Why does that happen?

There are two major sources of problems in swimming pool defects and construction: (a) the design was not good to begin with, or; (b) the contractors and his subcontractors did not build to the design specifications.

Geo-technical Issues with the Soil – Failure to Study the Soil Before Building

Failure to Bond or Ground the Structure to Prevent Electrocution

Shoddy Workmanship

Failure to Fortify the Underlying Structure

Inadequate Materials

Poor Concrete work – Concrete Moves and requires expansion joints. If it can’t move, it cracks and breaks

Negligent Piping and Plumbing Work

Negligent Electrical Work – this can be particularly dangerous

Inadequate Design Detail – If the Designer Failed to Supply Sufficient Detail, the Contractor is left to guess

To learn what caused the problem, you will need a competent investigation. That involves hiring the right attorneys and the right experts in swimming pool defects. By doing this, you can determine whether the cracks are the result of a concrete issue – did it dry too fast or was it not the correct mix? Or, is the cracking from a more serious issue found in the soil or the swimming pool structure. Without an adequate investigation, you may be guessing at what the real problem is.

Who is Responsible for Fixing my Swimming Pool Defects and Compensating me and my Family?

In the normal case, the homeowner paid a lot of money with the expectation that competent designers and contractors would achieve an acceptable result and beautiful pool, patio or outdoor living area. The homeowner is not responsible for swimming pool defects in design or workmanship. The designer, contractor or subcontractors are responsible if their work fell below the standard of care in their industry.  Swimming pool defects are completely unacceptable.

Our job, as your swimming pool defects attorneys, is to recover all the damages you are entitled to under the law. We are very good at our jobs.

Contact us with any questions or concerns about swimming pool defects, swimming design defects or defects in workmanship.