Managing a fund involves intricate tasks ranging from financial reporting to regulatory compliance, and the complexity only grows with the scale and diversity of investments. Navigating this terrain requires meticulous attention to detail, time commitment, and a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks.

In contrast, employing a fund administrator can prove to be a strategic choice. Fund administrators are equipped with specialized expertise in handling the administrative intricacies of fund management, freeing up valuable time for fund managers to focus on investment strategies and overall portfolio performance. Their proficiency in financial reporting, compliance management, and operational efficiency not only ensures adherence to regulatory standards but also provides a layer of professional oversight, mitigating risks and enhancing the credibility of the fund.

13 Reasons You Want to Hire a Fund Administrator

  1. Select and manage the investment platform and administer all backend technology associated therewith
  2. Manage the information input into the investment platform by potential investor(s), including subscription agreements, questionnaires, and independent verification process of accredited status of investors
  3. Manage investor communications, emails, phone calls and inquiries related to fund(s)
  4. Manage, collect or issue investor contributions, distributions, reinvestment and capital accounts
  5. Provide advisory services for the overall management of the investment platform and all equity issuances
  6. Prepare and maintain Records, as well as any other documents necessary or advisable for compliance with applicable regulations as may be mutually agreed to between Client and KCP
  7. Engage third party professionals to assist Client (e.g. Bank for treasury management; Certified Public Account(s); Auditing services; and any other professional(s) needed by Client to carry out its services
  8. Make adjustments over such periods as KCP deems necessary, and communicates to Client in writing, to reflect over-accruals or under-accruals of estimated expenses or income
  9. Provide and reconcile all appropriate records and data
  10. Coordinate with the Client’s employees, agents, and/or representatives for providing updates to investors
  11. Prepare and cause Client’s entit(ies) to issue to investors payments for all distributions declared by the Client
  12. Recording the issuance of Units of the Fund and maintaining a record of the total number of Units authorized, issued and outstanding
  13. Provide to AM on a regular basis, the total number of Fund Units authorized and issued and outstanding

The utilization of a fund administrator offers a comprehensive array of benefits that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of fund management. Ultimately, these 13 reasons collectively showcase the holistic advantages of entrusting fund administration to professionals, allowing clients to focus on strategic decision-making while ensuring regulatory compliance and investor satisfaction.


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