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1031 Exchanges: Why it Matters for Multifamily Syndicators and Passive Investors

Understanding how the 1031 exchange interplay works between multifamily syndicators, operators, sponsors, and passive investors is crucial in the realm of commercial real estate.

Corporate Transparency Act: Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve heard about the Corporate Transparency Act by now, but you still have some questions.
Here are answer directly from the source!

The 5 Secrets of Generational Wealth

If you’re somebody that’s looking to deploy capital and grow your own family’s wealth, or you’re just interested and curious about what the keys to generational wealth are from the standpoint of a practitioner helping people structure deals all around the country, then this is the right one for you.

Top 5 Actions to Create a Stronger Marriage

Take these Five Actions to Create a Stronger Marriage Create a Stronger Marriage:  Over the course of my career as a divorce lawyer, I have been provided with the unique opportunity to evaluate relationships of people from most ethnic, social, and economic...