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1031 Exchanges: Why it Matters for Multifamily Syndicators and Passive Investors

Understanding how the 1031 exchange interplay works between multifamily syndicators, operators, sponsors, and passive investors is crucial in the realm of commercial real estate.

Is your Loan in Distress? Loan Modification may be an Option: Part 2

In this video, Dugan Kelley, managing partner of Kelley Clarke Law, emphasizes the importance of having a realistic plan when requesting a loan modification from a lender. Even if you have a great strategy, if your plan is not realistic, the lender may not be receptive to your request. Dugan explains the general process that you will go through with the lender.

Corporate Transparency Act: Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve heard about the Corporate Transparency Act by now, but you still have some questions.
Here are answer directly from the source!

Corporate Transparency Act: If You Own an Entity, Your Response is Crucial!

Attention all business owners and owners of entities! The Corporate Transparency Act will likely affect you! As of January 1, 2024, this Act is now in effect and will require your compliance. Listen in as Dugan Kelley, of Kelley Clarke Law, dives into why this Act was put into effect, who this will affect and what your compliance will require.