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Dugan Kelley

A Sought After Speaker

If you’re looking for a qualified speaker and presenter for your next real estate or multi-family syndication event, Dugan is open to partnership! 

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Past Partners

From full week conferences, 1 day events, podcast interviews or a virtual webinar, Dugan has done it all. 

Life Bridge Capital Clarifying Uncertainties About Advertising Deals with Dugan Kelley

Clarifying Uncertainties About Advertising Deals with Dugan Kelley” In this podcast, Dugan covered the gray area of advertising deals. There is a lot of ambiguity around what operators can and cannot do on social media and other communication channels. 

Disrupt Equity

Multifamily Investor Network Conference: Dugan has graced the stage of these events for several years with topics ranging from understanding legal compliance to how to structure PPMs. 


Webinar: “Common red flags in syndication documents. Perils and pitfalls to avoid bad deals.” In this webinar, Dugan covered these key topics:

  • How to dissect and digest a PPM 
  • The red flags you might come across 
  • Exactly what you need to look out for! 
  • Everything you need to uncover in a PPM before investing capital into a deal 
  • How to locate and review key components of a PPM


Real Asset Investor

Dugan has partnered with Dave Zook and his team talking all things real estate investing. 

Down to Earth Legal Talk

Podcasts, speaking opportunities

If you’re looking to feature a speaker on your podcast or stage who can turn the complexities of real estate law into an engaging and memorable discussion? You’re in the right spot. With a unique blend of expertise, humor, and relatable anecdotes, Dugan transforms potentially dull legal jargon into captivating, down-to-earth conversations. Whether it’s breaking down the latest regulations or sharing insider tips, their approach ensures that listeners are not only informed but prepared to take action. 

Dugan Kelley — Shareholder of Kelley Clarke Law


We all know that navigating the legal complexities of real estate syndication can be overwhelming. In each episode, we will provide expert legal analysis, tips, and strategies to help real estate syndicators stay compliant and avoid pitfalls. This show is for anyone involved in real estate syndication, including sponsors, investors, attorneys, and other industry professionals who want to stay up to date on the latest legal developments and best practices.
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