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How long have you been practicing law?

Matthew Clarke has been practicing law for more than 20 years and Dugan Kelley has almost reached twenty years of practice.  During those many years, our lawyers have worked on a wide variety of cases, both very large and modestly sized.  We have also handled civil cases for both the plaintiff (party suing) and the defendant (party being sued).

What types of cases do you generally handle?

Because of our broad range of experience, we are well-equipped to handle many types of civil litigation cases such as employment law, cases involving banks and other lenders, personal injury and wrongful death, real estate disputes and real estate transactions and business law, among many other types of cases.  We have also developed skill in family law with all of the sensitive issues that arise in those types of cases.  Our many jury trial include trade secret cases, invasion of privacy, employment law, wrongful death, product liability, many criminal matters, legal malpractice, accounting malpractice and many others.

How much do you charge?

We make a significant effort to make our legal services affordable. On appropriate cases, we do not charge attorney fees until we recover money for our client.  On other cases, we reduce our fees or accept payments so our clients can protect their rights.  We do not turn away clients without first making every effort to reach a workable financial arrangement with them.

Can you tell me how my case will turn out?

We cannot guarantee the outcome in your case.  However, having seen similar cases unfold over the last twenty years, we can discuss the most likely outcome in your case.  We can also discuss how the court system is unpredictable at times and whether an out-of-court settlement might be in your best interest.  All of this is part of providing meaningful legal advice to you while we represent you so you can make informed decisions in your case.

Do you represent a particular type of client?

We generally represent individuals and small to medium sized companies.  Our individual and business clients appreciate having an attorney who is able to quickly understand their legal issue and offer advice without the bureaucracy of a large firm.  We use the latest in law firm technology.  We can have a new client set up in our firm’s systems within a hour.  This allows us to get to work sooner on time sensitive matters such as temporary restraining orders, theft of intellectual property and similar situations.

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